3 Popular Freelancer Websites To Find Great Talent

Where to find great freelancers

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Today, anyone can start a business with minimal income. Gone are the days you have to set up an office and physical business location before you can start marketing to your target audience. Today, you can use the Internet.

With a website, social media campaigns, and effective case studies, you can get clients in no time. Sometimes, that’s a good thing — sometimes, a big pain. You’re swamped with more work than you can sort out. 

That’s when outsourcing to freelancers and virtual assistants becomes a great option.

Working with freelancers and VAs means limited contracts and liabilities. You won’t need payroll and additional utilities. In addition, businesses have access to a pool of limitless talent where the chosen’s skill and abilities perfectly fit the task required.

With enhanced productivity, you can take your business to the next level with freelancers and virtual assistants. Here are a few avenues to start finding great talent to help you.

1) Fiverr



Densely Populated

A popular freelancer service whose clique is to offer a five-dollar service to businesses, it has become a haven for freelancers providing basic services. To date, it has over one million job orders and over two million users. You’ll definitely find someone you can work with in here.


Five dollars isn’t too much. However, that’s just for the freelancer’s basic service. Indeed, most are offering one-time package orders on a contractual basis. For example, need a quick graphic? A designer can do it for just $5 but may charge an additional fee for revisions, additional details, and more.

Repeat Business is Definitely Possible

If you were satisfied with the basic $5 service, then you will definitely want to work with that Fiverr professional again in the near future. The same goes for advanced-fee services that yield positive results.


Sometimes Poor Quality of Work

Fiverr has very lenient background checks, so virtually anyone can pose as a professional in a particular field you need. While you can always pay for test work (it’s only $5), you might find yourself drowning in poor workmanship until you find the perfect fit.

No Post-Job Revisions (Unless Indicated)

True enough, $5 is a bit cheap for professional-level workmanship. In some cases, you will want revisions. Often, seasoned talent can deliver the results you need, but some unscrupulous talent can choose to close their doors leaving you to find another talent to finish the job (which means additional expenses).

Can Turn Out To Be a Scam

Without any guarantees or actual contracts on paper except the possibility of banning the scammer, business owners might find lacklustre results or “no shows” with their job orders. True enough, losing $5 is no big deal, but if numerous $5 no-shows happen to you, it is a huge dent to your limited business budget.

2) Belay



Workers Have High Educational Standard and Experience

This freelancers and virtual assistant service requires its members to be 18 and older. Then, they’re asked to verify their real social media accounts. The bottom line: Belay’s professional requirements are stringent, and they are known to disqualify many applicants failing just a single requirement.

Huge Variety of Talent

Despite its stringent requirements, Belay has a huge number of talent to choose from. There are over a million confirmed talents in Belay specialising in different industries — you’ll definitely find the right talent here.

Focuses on The Toughest Subjects

In Belay, you’ll find qualified and certified accountants, staff specialists, project managers, executive assistants, and web designers. These tough subjects are hard to find in other freelancer sites (although some gems exist in them). Here, they’re everywhere for you to pick.


Pay Caps Discourage Repeat Business

Belay requires you to set pay caps to avoid inflating their ceiling talent salaries. While it helps them keep employers and talents in its ecosystem, some talents, including your favorite workers, might not find it as appealing.

Talents Can Set Their Own Working Hours

Bosses can only delegate their tasks and deadlines to do them. However, it’s the worker’s initiative to start their time any way they want. It can be a problem for you.

Belay Takes a Percentage of Talent Hourly Pay

Some good talents drop out of Belay because of the percentage it takes from the hourly pay of its talent. While it’s mostly affecting the talent, if you wanted repeat business with some great talent you found, you might lose them because of this (unless you’re willing to pay them higher).

3) VAnetworking



Huge Population of Talent Worldwide

VAnetworking begun in 2003 and now has over 30,000 members with educational and background qualifications. When using this service, you’re unlikely to find talents you might have difficulty working with or failing to provide professional results.

Certification Program for Reliable Talent

VAnetworking provides its members a training program that gives them certification. In doing so, you’re guaranteed he talent you choose is a perfect fit for the task or job occupancies you need to fill or done respectively.

Convenient Job Order/Vacancy Submission

The platform has a convenient facility for businesses to post their job orders or vacancies for talents to see. You’ll see several offers and applications from VAnetwork’s top-of-the-line professionals in less than a week after it is posted.


VAs Pay an Annual Fee to Find Your Offer

Only VAs in the “Insider Club” rank can find your job order. This costs about $333 a year. However, with this rank’s dense population in the site, it’s unlikely you’ll find a VA that won’t inquire or apply for your offer.

Company Charges VA Salaries

Businesses do not have to pay anything to VAnetworking because they take a percentage off their VA’s fees. However, just like in Belay, it might turn off some of your existing and useful roster of talent.

Can Get Expensive

Most VAs from this platform come from North America, which means you’ll be paying from $20-$25 an hour above for their service. It can get expensive especially if your business is just in its initial stages.

4) Upwork



Chock Full of Advanced Features for VAs and Businesses

Out of every outsourcing platform in this list, only Upwork provides advanced features such as work diaries, proposal reviews (for certain one-time projects), chat scheduling, needs analysis, file transfer, and more. These are especially useful because it houses the activity of both the business and talent within a single platform.

Find The Most Compatible Talent Fast

Upwork’s algorithms function similar to search engines — it helps you narrow down your list into a handful you can interview. True enough, the platform has hundreds of thousands of talents all vying for the same position. Because the platform reviews each freelancer, outsourcer, and talent profile adequately, you’ll save time from finding your best candidates and performing interviews.

Safe and Accurate Payments

Upwork’s platform features its own invoice and billing faculty. To ensure full transparency, employers have access to billable time. In addition, the platform’s own time management software for virtual assistants ensure they perform well during the hours they’ve been working.

For VAs, clients must fund their accounts before the deadline. Businesses can fund their accounts in different ways including credit cards and bank accounts.


VAs Pay High Premium Charge In Fees

Upwork has plenty of virtual assistants and talent available. However, it puts off many freelancers and professionals because of its exorbitant charges. For the first $500 up to $5,000 a VA earns, Upwork will charge 25% before taxes. This is quite a huge take for many good talent.

Talents Leave Feedback First Before Businesses

In case of any misunderstanding, talents can serve their feedback about working with your business first. This can cause trouble especially if you’re looking to hire new talent right away.

A Fee For Payment Processing

Businesses must pay 3% to Upwork to process each of their payments for their freelancing teams. This might be a huge disadvantage for businesses just starting 

5) Outsource To Success



Trained and Vetted Employees

Outsource to Success prides itself in quality over quantity. Their objective is to provide businesses excellent talent. However, their basis isn’t on educational and experiential merits, but on training and vetting employees to have all knowledge and perform all tasks the business needs.

The company designs these training programs in line with your job description requirements. For example, if you needed a fashion content writer, their employee program will include advanced content writing with in-depth knowledge in the fashion niche.

Comprehensive Business Profiling

To make sure you find the right employees, Outsource to Success includes a “business audit” type of service. The company will help identify the positions your business needs, skills employees will need to fulfill the positions accordingly, and finding the right freelancers or full-time employees. You can choose to use OTS to train and vet your employees with their high-quality program.

Free Trial Period

Outsource to Success is unique among the three. It knows it’s young and it remains competitive. The company provides a free trial of its service. You can hire a full or part-time trained employee that fulfills all your vacancy requirements for a limited time and see if you wish to continue your working relationship with both the virtual assistant and the company.


A Bit Younger Than The Others

Outsource to Success has only a few years under its belt. However, it remains a great contender because of the great feedback of both virtual assistants and satisfied clients because of its highly educational, fulfilling, and detail-oriented approach to talent pool management.

Smaller Talent Pool

OTS is likely to find the perfect employee for you within a few weeks to a month. In addition, they’ll have the compatible employee undergo training and vetting for another few weeks. This is because they have a smaller talent pool. However, as per the reviews, the results make the wait and investment worth it.

Third Party Communication Tools

Unlike Upwork, Outsource to Success has no personalised communication platform. It instead depends on third-party providers such as Skype, Slack, and other cloud software. While this poses no problems for many small businesses using the platforms, you may need to pay the third party additional or subscription fees to receive the full features of its services.

A Win-Win Situation

Freelancers, virtual assistants and business owners are in a win-win situation because both save and maximise their earnings. Finding the right talent is easy in these three platforms — just make sure they’re the perfect fit for the task you have.



Amy King

Amy is the founder of Outsource To Success. She aims to provide digital agencies and creative consultants the tools they need to help scale their business, successfully hire a remote team and support a positive team culture.

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Finding The Right Candidate_ How to Determine Whether Your Applicants Have Good Work Ethic

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