Can Time-Consuming Interviews Still Help You Find the Ideal Employee?

Are interviews still effective?

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When the business has an occupancy, you want to fill it in as soon as possible. However, hasty decisions can definitely lead to undesirable outcomes — any business owner or CEO who had done this knows it very well.  As a result, time-consuming interviews became a powerful decision-making tool for many businesses. With a pool of talent that HR cross-referenced and contrasted with each other, they will list the best candidates to meet with team leaders or the business owners.

Many great careers in the previous decades came from astounding and effective interviews. Unfortunately, they take much time and resources that can instead be used for company productivity.

Let’s look at how much time and effort it takes to conduct applicant interviews.

The Typical Interview Process

Once the human resources department or the business owner has compiled a list of qualified applicants for the position, they will inform all related departments about interview schedules. Leaders in these teams or departments have to confirm the dates or make changes, which will take time.

As soon as they finalise the schedules, team leaders have to take time off their tasks and meet with applicants. Most interviews can last from ten minutes to one hour. In some cases, it can go beyond especially if a panel performs the interview.

After all candidates underwent their respective interviews, team leaders and business officials will deliberate on the best applicant for the job. Usually, this can take one or a couple of days. If there are numerous applicants or the company position is beyond entry level, then it can even take weeks!

Why It’s Time-Consuming

Any wise business knows talent when they see it. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to choose between more than a dozen applicants vying for a single position. They have to compare and contrast their education, credentials, and actual work experience relevant to the task.

In fact, you might even need to have all team leaders pool together and discuss the potential of each candidate for a fully transparent and proper hire for the occupancy. For most businesses, doing this eliminates the risk of hiring an applicant with poor skills and experience necessary for the job.

Additionally, they have accepted that the hiring process is time-consuming to render its efficacy. However, it doesn’t have to be this way — there are alternatives to productivity-disrupting and time-consuming interviews.

How Can Employers Make The Hiring Process Effective Even Without Interviews?

Find an Employee or Contractor Pool

If you’re looking for talent, there are professional pools for both employees and contractors. These groups have no leaders, but each individual can attest to the experience, skills, and capabilities the employee or contractor possesses.

Unfortunately, these organisations do not register themselves despite recommendations of some business owners, academic faculties, and other professionals in the same league. Tread carefully when looking for talent here.

Work With a Corporate Talent Agency

Local corporate talent agencies screen and even vet their candidates to improve their value and increase their hiring chances. True enough, because the agencies have done the legwork with interviews, you might only need one last 5-minute personal interview for introductory purposes. This saves you a huge amount of time.

However, most corporate talent agencies require you to pay a fee for membership. In some cases, they collect percentages from the talent’s earnings during their first few years in your company. This may affect employee morale and performance despite their perfect fit.

Outsource the Headhunting Process

While similar to talent agencies, these outsources get paid to find the right talent. They do not manage and vet a pool of applicants. Instead, they look for employees with the characteristics and capabilities you need.

In short, they function like an HR including performing the interviews for less the cost of a full department. However, without a pool of talent, headhunters may take more time than corporate talent agencies to provide a perfect candidate.

Save Time, Improve Productivity Even Without Interviews

Business nowadays will not have to conduct time-consuming interviews. They can use corporate talent agencies or headhunters to find the right talent and perform the interviews. All they need to do is put the best candidate to fill in the role, saving all parties time, effort, and resources.

However, these organisations are only useful for big companies. Small startups and companies with no physical address need a professional that is highly experienced in remote working while maintaining a professional output level.

There are talent agencies that exist allowing small companies to bypass interviews. If you’re interested, you can talk to us at Outsource to Success to help you find the perfect candidate for your company as soon as possible.


Amy King

Amy is the founder of Outsource To Success. She aims to provide digital agencies and creative consultants the tools they need to help scale their business, successfully hire a remote team and support a positive team culture.

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