Outsource To Success helps eliminate the confusion of hiring and the time it takes to train, mentor and process payments your Filipino team members.



Outsource to Success is your one-stop-shop for finding the right people to fill positions in your company and help you meet your objectives quickly. We will provide all the training and evaluation necessary to make sure our applicants fulfill all the responsibilities your business needs. Our Applicant Hiring Framework Ensures:

Your applicant has complete knowledge of every task and skill needed by the business

They have the necessary certifications to fulfill their roles through specific lessons we provide in training

In-depth advanced training for huge-demand tasks your business has (very important for businesses about to scale operations)

Understanding of every specific platform and best practices your business uses



Though working with Outsource To Success, you are supported and guided throughout the partnership. We assist you with:

Finding and hiring for full-time or part-time roles

Working with you to Identify your business need

Creating the perfect position description

Working with you to record the processes for all your tasks being outsourced


Research & Data Entry

Customer Support

Social Media Management

Copywriting & Search Engine Optimization

Graphics & Design


Audio & Video Editing

General Virtual Assistant Rates

Dedicated virtual assistants are hired specifically for your business needs. There is a minimum 3 month contract period for any permanent hire. Casual week to week packages are also available for businesses not quite ready to commit to a permanent member to join their team. General Virtual Assistants can assist you with data entry, research, appointment booking, social media management, copywriting and more.

All Rates Are In USD

10 Hours Per Week From

$360 /month
$480 /month
  • Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris.

20 Hours Per Week From

$640 /month
$880 /month
  • Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris.

40 Hours Per Week From

$1120 /month
$1600 /month
  • Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris.

Technical Remote Team Members

If you are looking for someone with more specialized or technical skills, our Technical Remote Team Member packages are a perfect choice. Roles within this package include project managers, WordPress specialists, graphic designers, web designers and developers and search engine optimization experts. Rates may vary depending on the level of skills you are looking for and level of experience needed.

All Rates Are In USD

10 Hours Per Week From

$560 /month
$680 /month
  • Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris.

20 Hours Per Week From

$1000 /month
$1280 /month
  • Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris.

40 Hours Per Week From

$1840 /month
$2400 /month
  • Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris.

Frequently Asked Questions

For many, we know hiring someone you barely know for their skills and to take time off of you is a whole new world! We’ve compiled a list of usual questions we receive from inquiries. By answering these, we believe we can help you attain business growth, find the right talent for your business, know where to start, and take off that generally overwhelming feeling about outsourcing to talents in different countries.

Why Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

Time and money are two important things in business. It generates more money if you have more time to find new clients and ways to expand the business. To get more time, you need to lessen the tasks your juggling.

At the same time, doing this helps you gain clarity and make effective business decisions. Additionally, it reduces the risk of work burnout that many experience in any trade. A remote assistant, talent, or outsourcing agent helps you have the perfect workforce without having to set up a physical business location and even employee health insurance and benefits.

What Services Can A Virtual Assistant Perform?

You can find a Virtual Assistant to perform any task you specified in your job order or occupancy. Your job order is the law, and we make sure our professional talent has the necessary skills and talents to complete it.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

Definitely! You get your first 10 hours free. If our services help you find the right talent and they fulfill the task for you effectively! Of course, if you choose otherwise, we'd like to you why you didn't like it -- and we won't force you back, promise!

Do Your VA's Speak Fluent English?

Indeed! It is a pre-requisite in working with Outsource to Success. If they're not too familiar, we refer our talents to English improvement programs for better communication skills.

Will The VA Perform Everything In My Job Order or Occupancy During the Trial Period?

Yes, they will! As long as the tasks you ask them to perform are within their skill and hire level. Some General Virtual Assistants may be skilled in some entry level technical areas but this is not always the case.

How Will You Choose The VA for My Job Order or Available Occupancy?

Our training program allows us to identify the strengths and weakness of our talents. Based on their program merits, we can ascertain their skills and find the perfect one that fits your job order or occupancy's goals.

Do You Offer Refunds?

To get a refund, you may email our customer services team and file a dispute claim. Should we find evidence that the work was not sufficiently done on the part of the freelancer, we will issue you with a refund within 14 days.

If we find that the worker has followed through with the order of your contract, we will not be able to issue you with a refund.

Can I Hire Part-Time or Full-Time Contractors?

You can hire either one. Your contract will depend on what you need, how often you need work done and how much you want to invest in an outsourced worker. We offer casual and permanent monthly plans starting from only 10hrs a week.

Find out how we can best help your business today


Outsourcing can feel overwhelming and it is easy to be confused where to start. The Outsource To Success team are here to assist you with any queries you might have and guide your way to outsource success.

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