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The Philippines is a budding online and digital workforce hub, with many Filipinos choosing to work from home or from different parts of the country. You can work at home and spend more time with your family or your business, but you can also lounge by the beach and deliver your projects while sipping fresh fruit shakes.


Experience the many benefits that come with becoming a remote worker in the Philippines and partnering with Outsource To Success: 

Fair tax laws for freelancers
Dozens of international payment options that make it easier to get paid for work done by clients from other countries
Flexibility in scheduling and planning which allow you to work and travel
Avoid traffic in huge business centers like Mega Manila
Work from the province while still being connected to the current trends and cycles in the business community

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work can I get with Outsource To Success?

You can let us know which skills you have and what kind of work you would like to do. We currently offer work for virtual assistants, graphic artists, writers, project managers, and more. To know more about the available positions, please contact Outsource To Success.

How often will I get paid?

We pay our freelancers bi-weekly. Your hours are logged using the solution provided by Outsource To Success and invoices are to be forwarded to us for processing and payment.

How can I ensure that I will get paid?

All of our freelancers are contracted with Outsource To Success. While you will work with other employers for your daily duties, all invoicing and payments go through Outsource To Success. Simply invoice us for your worked hours per fortnight for payment.

How much are the rates for a specific industry?

We encourage freelancers to offer a fair market rate based on their skill level and experience. Please check your competitive rates and make a valid offer when you are ready. You may also learn negotiation skills here.

What do I do if the client does not want to pay?

As you will be a contracted member of the Outsource To Success team, you won't need to worry about clients not paying. All payments will come from Outsource To Success only.

However, in the event that clients are unhappy with the work provided by you, a member of the Outsource To Success team will work with both parties to reach an agreed outcome.

What do I do if I end up in a disagreement with a client?

While we encourage freelancers and clients to maintain a professional relationship, we understand that some situations may arise wherein the client and freelancer end up disagreeing on certain matters. Should the client or freelancer wish to elevate the status of the issue to our staff, Outsource To Success will act as a mediator in such cases and ensure that both client and freelancer can resolve any issues.

How do I ensure that a client will pay me the right amount?

All your hours will be tracked and logged using Outsource To Success's systems and your hourly rate is included in your signed contract. Each week your weekly time report will be forwarded to your assigned client for review. 

Any discrepancies will be flagged and a member of the Outsource To Success team will work to resolve the issues.

At the end of each fortnight, you will forward an invoice to Outsource To Success for the time worked on your log for processing and payment.

What if I want to work with the client outside of Outsource To Success?

For any work or client acquired through Outsource To Success, we have a lock down period of two years wherein all transactions must be made within the platform or through the Outsource To Success staff.


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